Beirut Rocks Again!

Following the huge success of the Beirut Rock Festival 2009, which was attended by more than 3,000 spectators from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the UAE, ANATHEMA will return to Forum de Beyrouth September 18th as part of their 2010 European tour. They will be supported by Absolace, a breakthrough progressive rock metal band that have just released their debut album – Resolve[d]. The concert will thrill their growing legion of fans across the Middle East and beyond.

Liverpool’s Anathema have released 8 studio albums since 1990, as well as 5 additional records.
They would stay true to their doom metal roots until their third studio offering, Eternity (1996), which signaled a transition to a more melodic, atmospheric and progressive genre of rock. The transformation earned Anathema a great deal of attention from mainstream media such
as MTV, as well as comparisons to industry giants like Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead. Their long-awaited follow-up to A Fine Day To Exit and A Natural Disaster, We’re Here Because We’re Here, was released in May 2010.

Absolace represents an exciting fusion of individuals from very diverse musical backgrounds. The band comprises Lebanon’s very own Nadim Jamal (Vocals), Ben Harris (Bass) from Australia, Greg Cargopoulos from Greece (Drums), and UK’s Jack Skinner (Guitars) and Kyle Roberts (Keys, Synths, Samples). Resolve[d] marks the emergence of a brand new approach to progressive metal, and provides a unique insight into the promising future of the region’s progressive rock scene that Absolace embodies.

A monumental event that rock fans in Lebanon and the Middle East will not want to miss!

Tickets are on sale in all Instruments Garage branches.

For more information please contact: 01-202302