Batroun International Festival 2010- Electro- Accoustic Waveform

Acoustic music comprises music that solely or primarily uses instruments which produce sound through entirely acoustic means, as opposed to electric orelectronic means. The retronym “acoustic music” appeared after the advent of electric instruments, such as the electric guitar, bass guitar, electric organ andsynthesizer.

Performers of acoustic music often increase the volume of their output using electronic amplifiers. However, these amplification devices remain separate from the amplified instrument and reproduce its natural sound accurately. Often a condenser microphone is placed in front of an acoustic instrument which is then wired up to an amp. This is the most effective way of amplifying an acoustic instrument.

Following the increasing popularity of the television show MTV Unplugged during the 1990s, acoustic (though in most cases still electrically-amplified) performances by musical artists who usually rely on electronic instruments became colloquially referred to as unplugged performances.

Writing for Splendid, music reviewer Craig Conley suggests, When music is labeled acoustic, unplugged, or unwired, the assumption seems to be that other types of music are cluttered by technology and overproduction and therefore aren’t as pure.

Zeid and The Wings – Tango Remote Control Mekanik Kantatik – Daedelus.

Location: Batroun international festival 2010-outdoor.