Bake Some LoveDough At Brut

Name: Bake Some LoveDough At Brut

Details: Bake some LoveDough at Brut monot!

One year and still going strong!

RnB Super Brand LoveDough continues its weekly Friday night residency!

This Friday Feb. 11, we’re flying in another exclusive DJ straight from the UK!

DJ CJ BEATZ from Radio 1Xtra!!

Initially starting as a Hip Hop DMC DJ, CJ’s ears have since developed over the years to appreciate various genres of music! On any given night, a CJ Beatz set ranges from straight Hip Hop, to commercial chart, to Pop, to even 80’s Rock… But what CJ enjoys the most is when he mashes all those genres together to form one big ear-gasm of sounds & styles!

Head down to Brut monot this Friday and get ready for some real urban shakedown and quality R&B music that’s different from anywhere else!

Reserve in advance

Place: Brut Monot

Tel: 03-030 352

Date: 11 February 2011

Time: 9:00 P.M