BALEARIC SOUL feat. FRICH the original violin player of BABYLONIA BORN AGAIN will be performing live at RIKKY’Z on October 9.
The inimitable Spanish DJ-producer duo, BALEARIC SOUL, is one of Spain’s most respected and talented teams – true house technicians and a mainstay of the quintessential Balearic sound.
The Balearic Soul Babylonia remix of ‘Born Again’ is without a doubt one the tracks of the moment, topping the best international charts including a #1 in Holland, #1 in Greece and #1 in Lebanon
FRICH, the violin soloist prodigy responsible for Born Again – Babylonia’s superb strings, has been involved in music since he was 7 years old when he started to play the violin.
prices are:
70 $ dinner and open bar
50 $ open regular bar
35 $ 2 drinks standing
03 120201 – 09 301010 – 09 300130