B.Lebanon Book At Boutique Colette

Name: B.Lebanon Book At Boutique Colette

Details: B.Lebanon Book will be available at the exhibition

About B.Lebanon:

B. Lebanon a new photography book depicting Lebanon’s life at night, uncovering all the

beauty and secrets that the night celebrates daily. From Baalbeck to Downtown to all the

hidden treasures in between; B. celebrates Lebanon’s vibrant and celebrated society and

heritage during the night.

The book covers over 500 pages of unique colorful images taken from all over the country

(locations, festivals, DJ events and more), during the night. From that collective experience

and tens of thousands of archived photos, the best have been drawn to encapsulate the spirit

of Beirut – an indomitable spirit of art, heritage, fun and adventure that cannot be

suppressed… The result is B, the rst nightlife book of its kind. With B., the public will be able

to keep Beirut’s nightlife with them at all times.

Realized and conceptualized by Anthony Rahayel and Jean Ghalo, B is a testament to Beirut

and to Lebanon in general, and as a depiction of Lebanon for all those abroad who have yet

to visit these sunny shores, the book is intended for a wide audience by no means limited to

the Lebanese.

It is a window into Lebanon for anyone abroad.

Place: Amchit Piazza Del Bambino Saidè Street

Tel: 09-620 682  /  03-223 004

Date: 4-5-6-7 December 2010

Time: 10:00 A.M