Audiopiknik at Ksaibeh

Audiopikinik is a creative space for those who wish to enjoy cutting-edge music, reconnect with nature, socialize and dance with friends in a communal surrounding.

Once a month from July to November, pine-tree valleys and raw mountains collide with the brightest of talents from the local and international electronic music scene, truly creating a unique and soulful backdrop.

With our unique sound installation courtesy of Funktion-One in the UK, music and nature lovers alike will appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of the environment.

We are the excuse to get away from it all!

Our philosophy is… People.Music.Nature…

  • People

Audiopiknik is a playground for Dj’s, producers, artists and listeners to create, share, meet and dance their party shoes off!!

We cater to a niche audience and our events are limited in tickets as we seek to create a communal vibe which is achieved through quality of numbers rather then quantity.

  • Music

Our efforts are channeled towards delivering a listening experience that can only be attained through an understanding of the different elements that make you feel good, these are:

Order of Play: Dj’s are booked in a specific order depending on their style of play, schedule of play and set duration. This creates the desired flow and build up to keep the dance-floor momentum linear.

Clarity vs Volume: crisp and physical low, mid and high range frequencies with zero distortion and/or listening fatigue.

Sound Dispersion: keeping the sound where it counts – in the middle of the dancefloor. This dramatically reduces stress on the ears, maximizing aural comfort on site and by the campground.

  • Nature

Less is more and we have divine respect to the forest as we believe it to be an integral part of this outdoor experience.

Our philosophy is to positively contribute in every way we can to preserve the magic of the forest.

In keeping with the above, we have installed a custom built *Tipi tent for the Dj booth.

The tipi creates an intimate feel of a modern tribal gathering, paying tribute to the nature and blending the past and future with the present.

A tipi (also known as teepee), is a dwelling that was, and still is, used by Indigenous tribes throughout North America. Tipi is a Sioux name that means “house.” The tipi is a conical structure made from poles, traditionally covered by buffalo skins. Rope is used to secure the dwelling together at the top.

Location: Ksaibeh – Ras El Metn

Date: 31st July – 1st August

Gates Open: 10AM – 31.07.2010

Opening Set: 7PM – 31.07.2010

Line up

31st July (Saturday/Sunday)

20:00-21:30 Marco Da Matta & Matthew

21:30-23:00 Soul Collective

23:00-02:00 Dave Mothersole

02:00-04:00 BiG AL

04:00-08:00 Ali Ajami

08:00-16:00 Chill Out Music


Pre-Sale Tickets until 30th July, 2010 – -110,000L.L

All Virgin Megastores & Photo Nubar (Hamra & Rabieh)

…Door Tickets on 31st July/1st August –135,000L.L.

Tickets include

– 2 x Free drinks

– Free Camping

– Free Parking