Alors On Danse

Events continuously flood the country, yet attendees never seem to be anywhere near satisfied…
Dreams often remain the same; unachieved, unlived and unreachable perhaps… On the 10th of July a long lost dream is about to be realized, the massive success is about to come to life…

“Eventality” along with the outstanding “Bee concepts” proudly presents their next in line event, the blockbuster, the mother of beach parties, what some people would call an achievement, others a true hit, ALORS ON DANSE!!

We assure you something you have never seen before, an event beyond the league, imagination and capability of many… Two of the most respectable event organizations Lebanon has ever known have been working day and night, endlessly, to bring you what you are about to see… what may be the greatest beach/foam party the new year is about to witness…

What this great event promises seems incredible, but true nevertheless… Get ready to set your minds free, to feel the groove of the commercial and underground hits the DJs are about to play, on their well equipped, superior decks and finally DDDDAAAANCCCCE!!

The event is a foam party, so get yourselves ready to be all wet and foamy!! The worldwide recognized band of Underground Fiesta will be playing their instrumental tunes during a live performance based on the commercial hits that made the top 10 charts recently… A high class act will be prepared by the country’s most renowned Gogo dancers and finally an unimaginable fireworks show is going to be held with duration of over a half hour full of constant surprises, and much more…

People, do not forget your swimsuits if you’re looking for a great time, after all the event is taking place at the one and only OCEANA!! The greatest location for a beach party… however certain dress codes are unnecessary so feel free to come as you are.
Red bull, Poliakov and Baltika beer will be sponsoring the events bar, other sponsors are Al-Shouf Traders Association, Formula rent a car,and The Daily Star, and others may be added soon …

Tickets will be sold at different places which will be assigned soon; they may also be purchased from the following people:
– Ray el Hage 71 479 014
– Muhieddine Alaeddine 03 222 322
Amir Baroudy 71 71 76 72
-Abed Timani (Timo) 70 645 901
ahmad kannan –

Ticket Price:

– Regular area 30 $ (including two drinks)

– VIP area 55 $ (including 1 Poliakov Extreme btl for every 5, or 3 drinks Poliakov Extreme for each person, couch seating)

– VVIP area 110 $ (including 1 Poliakov Extreme btl for every 4, or 4 Poliakov Extreme drinks for each person, rooftop seating)

All attendees will have access to the pool

Doors will be open at 10:30 p.m. , try to make it early you won’t regret it
For more information regarding the event please contact any of the event organizers
– Amir Baroudy 71 71 76 72
– Ray el Hage 71 479 014
– Muhieddine Alaeddine 03 222 322
– Abed Timani (Timo) 70 645 901
– Adel Mawla
– Jule Bakhos
– Anthony Alam
– Ahmad Kannan
– Ali Mahdi
– Jad Ayoub
– Victor Nahas

We hope to see you all there, we recommend not to miss it!! You will all be updated along the way. Thank you.