Alcazar 3rd Anniversary

Name: Alcazar 3rd Anniversary

Details: It’s time to celebrate the Alcazar’s third year anniversary, this Sunday 6th of May.

Alcazar have acclaimed the best of your nights and kept most of your secrets and if you would like to relive those “g-olden” moments, make sure to reserve your usual spot.

This Sunday, the celebrations start at 6:30 p.m. with rounds of tapas and cocktail drinks on the house, continue with entertaining mixology sessions by Diana and Jihad on the beats of Alcazar’s old regular DJ’s you have all been used to.

It all started with that one ice shot that led to another and another and another…

You know what to do and make sure you pick up your shot on the way out – and if you weren’t sober enough to remember, we will remind you!

About Alcazar:

Nesting between the new hop location and the heart of ancient Beirut’s art scene, Alcazar is a three-floor restaurant and bar with a kitchen that offers an exquisite Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine and a variety of mouth watering cocktails and aperitifs concocted by Lebanon’s number one mixologists and bartenders.

Place: Alcazar, Gemayze

Tel: 01-586 555

Date: 6 May 2012

Time: 6:30 P.M