Ahla W Sahla of Souk El Tayeb

Ahla W Sahla faces and places of Soul El Tayeb!

Is the new Souk El Taybe’s project. A Sunday’s outing’s to discover a producer in, his/ her own environment, garden, field or kitchen… and shar a friendly picnic where each one is bringing a basket full of goodies.

This summer, join Souk El Tayeb’s family for a Sunday for fun and goof food, under the trees, between rows of carrots and beets, and patches of parsley and mint.

  • August 8, 2010: Abu Kassem, in Zawtar,(Zawtar al charbiyah, Nabatiyah). Zaatar Zawtar, are splending parcels of fresh organic green thymes, neighboring Al Litany river
  • September 19, 2010: Chawki Boustany in Serjbal, (Chouf, 300m in altitude and 9km from Damour). And for a day on the edge of Serjabal River, in the green field of Chawki, under the fruit trees and between the vegetables rows that will make it a day to remember for a long time to come.

Drive your car and bring your own picnic (food & drink) a blanket sweaters and loads of fun with you.

Meet us at 9:00am in Saifi parking, 01 442 664.