Adonis Valley – Honey & Milk at Fleur de Lait

Adonis Valley warmly invites you to its 5th annual Honey Harvest special fest Honey & Milk in fusion with “Fleur de Lait”. This joint event is the continuity of “Adonis Valley’s” mission statement in promoting rural development & fostering Lebanese food heritage.

This year “Adonis Valley” has the pleasure to highlight the overture of “Fleur de Lait” in Fatri, a newly estabilished medium – size dairy factory notorious for its gourmet & traditional dairy products.

A food bar for tasting is prepared with “Adonis Valey’s” organic products & “Fleur de Lait’s” natural dairy ingredients: Qarisha w Assal, Halloum & light Jams, Labneh & Sundried tomatoes, and more… Fusions designed by F.Daw

“Fleur de Lait” will host the 5th Annual “Adonis Valley” Honey & Milk event on its premises.

Located on Fatri main road.

Open doors on the 6th. 7th & 8th August from 9am to 7pm.

For assistance please contact: 03-456 336 | 03-240 357.