A Rock Concert By D.T.A To Help Keep Lebanon Clean

Bands interested in performing, must send their MP3 Demos & page Links to DoorsToAspiration@yahoo.com

We all know that music lovers are so many. We will have a Rock concert once a month so we can attract a good number of people. During the concert, our volunteers who will be standing right on the sidewalks across form where the concert is taking place will give away 30 bags to the driver of each car that passes by. One bag for every day of the month.

They will also explain to the drivers that they will no longer have to roll their windows down and throw out of the car whatever they have in their hands.

They can simply put the tissues, papers, cans, bottles and what have you in the bag and at the end of the day, they can tightly close the bag and throw it in the nearest garbage can or dumpster.

It is the duty of each one of us to keep our city clean, no matter how small the step we take to spread the awareness of “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

Send me your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how to keep our surroundings clean.

Please post your ideas on the wall of this event. 2 heads are better than one.

10 great steps:

1- Taking initiative of keeping our surroundings clean.
2- Creating awareness amongst all in our society.
3- Using as minimum as possible all plastic related products like, bags, cups etc…, as these are all non biodegradable.
4- Implementing proper waste recycle units.
5- Avoiding spitting & passing urine in public places or roadsides.
6- Using plastic bags only when unavoidable. Dispose these bags properly.
7- Using dustbins provided by corporation.
8- Don’t wash animals, vehicles in river water.
9- Don’t allow water to stagnate as it will provide a breeding place for mosquitoes.
10- Using solar energy because it does not produce residue.

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The area surrounded with trees right next to where you pay your phone bill in El-Mina / Tripoli, el-central street right off port Saiid Street.