3rd Bicycle Rally Paper

Name: 3rd Bicycle Rally Paper

Details: The Scouts of Group Sagesse Brasilia are organizing their 3rd bicycle rally paper on sunday the 15th of May 2011

to participate: compose a group of 5 persons (men and/or women)

participation fees is 15.000 L.L per person (it includes the bicycle rent and lunch…..)

briefing will be held on Friday the 13th of May at 8:00 P.M at Sagesse Brasilia – Baabda (min 1 person from each team must attend the briefing)

the rally opening and registration are on Sunday 15th at 8:00 A.M at Sagesse Brasilia

the race and games will take place at Beirut (downtown area) starting 10:00 A.M

the rally is not based on speed

Place: Downtown, Beirut

Tel: 03-453 002  /  03-096 867

Date: 15 May 2011

Time: 10:00 A.M