2010 Golden Muddler Challenge

Because your mojito deserves better… Saint James is looking for the best.

At the 2010 Golden Muddler Challenge, Saint James challenges bartenders to mix the perfect mojito and charm our jury of infamous nightlife gurus, fashion designers and promoters, for a grand prize win of $2500 and additional prizes for bartenders and their friends!

The full day competition includes open bar, food, and entertainment by DJs Elicit & Snatch and DIO

Venue: Sun7 pool area

Date: September 6, 2010

Time: From 11 AM to 6 PM.

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The cocktails will be judged according to two categories, the Classic Mojito and the Creative Mojito. The Judging panel will consist of six technical judges that will assign scores based on the following criteria:

50 points – Cocktail Presentation & Bartender Knowledge and Skill
How well do you present your cocktail recipe? It is very important to explain to the audience what you are doing and why you are mixing certain ingredients… This is your moment in the limelight, and this is your opportunity to show off just how professional and skilled you are!

50 Points – Taste & Aroma
Is your drink well balanced? Did you pour the right amount of spirits in it? To score well in this category you have to make sure your cocktail is perfectly blended and a pleasure to drink.

25 points – Garnish
Decoration is very important and must reflect your recipe. The judges will look for cool, original garnishing touches fit to grace the tables of Lebanon’s hottest nightlife establishments.

10 points – Overall Performance.
From beginning to end, you should look relaxed on stage and, above all, be entertaining!

Remember, your Mojito deserves better:
In the case of exceeding your time limit, 30 points will be deducted. The judging panel will average all of the points together to determine the winners.

All decisions of the jury committee shall be final.

Grand Prize
The winner for the highest score in both the Classic and Creative Mojito categories:
$2500 in cash + brand ambassador

Classic Mojito Prize
Tickets for Above & Beyond+ $250 worth of products + silver award

Creative Mojito Prize
Tickets for Above & Beyond + $250 worth of products + silver award