Beirut Jazz Festival 11 Continues with the Philippe El Hage Quintet

The second night of the Beirut Jazz Festival 11 kicked off at approximately 9p.m. when the quintet consisting of bass, tambourine, drum, flut/saxophone and (Philippe El Hage) piano, players commence for another incredible evening of jazz.

The band began fully instrumental but after the first song Philippe welcomed vocalist Houry Apartian to the stage. Houry accompanied the band to perform “Museum Street”. Her voice sounded like a 6th instrument being added to the band, as she sang in tones as apposed to words. “Purple Song” followed, picking up the pace a bit. Philippe with Houry engaged crowd participation, which guests responded with their surprisingly beautiful and musical voices. The flute player added a mystical vibe to Philippe’s compositions while the drums and bass added a heat beat accompanying the piano Philippe El Hage played beautifully.

The weather was perfect. The audience cuddled up and relaxed to classical jazz supplied by the Philippe El Hage quintet.

The Beirut Jazz Festival 11 continues on October 6th with Chucho Valdez & The Afro Cuban Messengers and October 8th with Marcus Miller. Tickets available at Virgin Ticketing Box Offices