Best Bartenders in Lebanon Compete at Zaitunay Bay for Diageo World Class

Bartenders do not just hand you a drink that came out of a bottle. Mixologists from all over the world spend time and put in lots of effort to make perfectly mixed delicious beverages for the world of leisure to enjoy. Diageo Reserve, a leading name in the alcohol industry, set a world-class global search for the World’s Best Bartender.Last year over 6,000 bartenders in 24 counties competed and most recently Diageo Reserve hosted a competition in Lebanon. The completion heated up, at MyWaterfront Zaitunay Bay, when bar pros Hany Mohtar (MAD), Jad Ballout (Gracia’s), Joseph Antoun (LEI), Kareem Dawas (Gem), Kaled Derouiche (Momo’s) and Varia Dellalian (Momo’s) went head to head mixing away to make the most amazing drinks in Lebanon. would like to send out a big congratulations to the winner of the Diageo Reserve World Class Raising the Bar Lebanon Final 2012, to the lovely and very talented Varia Dellalian of Momo’s!