Baalbeck International Festival 2011: From the Days of Saladin Lebanese Nights

A Lebanese musical play,  FROM THE DAYS OF SALADIN LEBANESE NIGHTS welcomes the start of the Baalbeck International Festival 2011.

The play, which hosted a full house starred Assi el Hallani, Antoine Kerbaje and  Carmen Lebbos among many others who lit the stage with a beautiful performance.

The music is played by an orchestra of 45 musicians conducted by Maestro Harout Fazlian and the choir of the Antonine Fathers University under the direction of father Toufik Maatouk will complete this ensemble with the participation of an elite of singers, actors and dancers. All the sets are designed by Rami Sabbagh. The dances are choreographed by François Rahme.

The costumes design and execution are signed by Faten Mechref from the Caracalla Research Center.

This musical play, which takes place during the conflicts between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart, highlights the impact of the conflicts that have always existed between East and West and its effect on Lebanon as well as on the region. The intrigue is an integral part of the piece that has a leading character who is a contemporary writer who decided to continue to write his piece as a musical play titled “From the days of Saladin”. He then penetrates his own creation to convince his own characters to negotiate and conclude a final peace between East and West, at the Gates of the “City of Peace” instead of the historic yet limited truce that resulted between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart in 1192.

This musical play includes elaborate scenes and songs with a folkloric oriental music without ever forgetting the framework of events; modern audio-visual and lighting effects done by a highly qualified technician team complete this masterpiece.  The result that evolves in a piece produced today is fast-paced and quite audacious.