Achievements at the Beirut Marathon 2010

In light of its unbeatable previous successes, the Beirut Marathon Association completed its 8th annual international marathon: the BLOM Beirut Marathon (BBM). This event is considered the biggest annual event in Beirut, attracting well over 30,000 runners. One of the great achievements was that the 2010 Beirut Marathon also gained a bronze label from the IAAF, making it an accredited international marathon for the first time.

Ethiopian athletes dominated the BLOM Beirut Marathon, with Mohammed Temam and Etaferaw Tarekegn winning the men and women categories respectively.

Lebanese winner Hussein Awada stole the limelight after breaking his personal best time with an excellent 2:20:31, just five seconds faster than the record he set in Berlin. Awada, came in 7th place was sponsored by the Beirut Marathon Association as part of its mission to create world class athletes.

This Year, the marathon was filled with new activities and races, and a major change in the tracks of both the 42.195km and 10km. Also newly introduced, for the very first time, is the Marathon Relay Race as well the Run with Mom 1Km race, which was super fun and enjoyed by many.

The race included politicians, like Prime Minister Saad Harriri, Minister Ziad Baroud, as well as MP Sitrida GeaGea  who came in first place in the 3 kilometer race to promote unity. Other prominent social figures including actors also played a role in making this event one to remember as well as runners on the Elite Field that include champion athletes from Italy, Russia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and Jordan as well as Lebanese.

The younger generation of runner gathered each other to take part in the marathon. BMA Elite Youth Athletes which included runners as young as 12 and 13 years old ran 3 km.

BLOM Marathon was a great opportunity for all Lebanese, whatever their origins or beliefs to come together to practice sport, to get to know one another outside any sectarian considerations.