2010 Golden Muddler Challenge at Sun7

Under the slogan ‘Because your mojito deserves better’… Saint James organized the 2010 Golden Muddler Challenge at Sun7 Palm Beach Hotel to choose the best bartender to mix the perfect mojito and charm the jury. The mixologists presented their best talent competing for a grand prize win of $2500!

The cocktails were judged according to two categories, the Classic Mojito and the Creative Mojito. The Judging panel consisted of six technical judges that assigned scores based on a number of criteria set for the challenge. This year surprise was Barmaid Ms. Grace, the winner for the highest score in both the Classic and Creative Mojito categories bagging up the $2500 in cash and named as the brand ambassador. Ms. Grace told BeirutNightLife.com that she is happy to be the winner, “I am very glad to have won this achievement as a female bartender. This means we can do it, no matter how tough the competition can be.”

The star of the challenge was the usual suspect, Marco Canova, who gave his own twist of the event with a display of his flaring and mixing talent for the attendants. Marco in an interview with BeirutNightLife.com was very happy with the challenge this year and expressed his satisfaction for the level of competition between the participants. Awards were presented by Mr. Miguel Arbid and Marco Canova to the winners.