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In December 2002, when a group of visionaries gathered to revolutionize a seemingly embryonic concept in Lebanon, innovation was born, and that was BeirutNightlife.com. Initially beginning as a nightlife information destination and photo database, BeirutNightlife.com soon branched out, to cover an array of affairs and offer a range of services in the entertainment industry. Today, it has over two million photographs archived, with over 93,600 on its website, making it the biggest nightlife, travel and tourism photo archive in the region.

BeirutNightlife.com is primarily a nightlife agency in its absolute meaning, however is not confined solely to this domain. Their services and products also venture into the world of leisure, travel and tourism, growing by the minute. In 2010, it was ranked as one of the top 5 most visited sites in Lebanon, and ranked as the 42nd leading website on a global scale.


To promote Lebanon in its best light, bringing the details on nightlife, travel and tourism of the country to the world, in one universally accessible website.

Founding & History
BeirutNightlife.com, which is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, is in fact the brainchild of Jean Ghalo, a creative marketing guru, with extensive experience in events. Founded in 2002, Ghalo envisioned creating a website whereby he could promote the true spirit of Lebanon. He aspired to use a technologically advanced medium, namely the web, to found a directory and list of services to cater to those both interested in Lebanon, and those seeking an accurate web listing, whereby highlighting the vivacity of the country.

Later in the implementation phase in 2004, Anthony Rahayel, a professional photographer with over nine years of experience behind the camera, as well as several years of practice in the field of advertising, joined Ghalo in the venture, where he both supported the initiative, and later became partner and today, operations manager, striving towards growth, bringing BeirutNightlife.com to enjoy its current status.

The Team Today
At present, the BeirutNightlife.com team has grown; fusing dynamism, exuberance and passion for the cause, encompassing the vibrant spirits of the Lebanese population.

The team of directors includes: Jean Ghalo, Managing Director who aspires to keep taking BeirutNightlife.com to new heights, forever diversifying and expanding into new fields in the world of tourism; Anthony Rahayel, Operations Manager, shares Ghalo’s vision, and runs the daily ventures as well as oversees the smooth-running of the website; the sales team is responsible for all sales activities, further promoting this innovative venture.

Local to global reach
BeirutNightlife.com covers all of Lebanon, 10,452 square-meters of it, delivering services faster than any other competitor, as it is fueled with the sheer knowhow and extensive experience that has spanned over the past decade. It has been visited by over 8 million people, from 166 countries around the globe.

The success of BeirutNightlife.com is attained through a fusion of strategies, which include grass roots promotions, viral, digital and online marketing strategies. Today, traffic far exceeds 70,000 loyal visitors, with over one million page views per month, making it Lebanon’s premier nightlife, travel and tourism reference. However, success is not only nationwide, rather global, where international visitors flood the page on a daily basis. BeirutNightlife.com has managed to position itself as the chief go-to website for those seeking to attain information on the country, as well as information of touristic destinations around the region – a section that has recently been added to the website.

Offerings & Services
The range of services positions BeirutNightlife.com as a benchmark for others to follow in the entertainment sector. In general, it includes the promotion of nightlife, entertainment, travel and tourism through digital media. Through its extensive expertise, BeirutNightlife.com also offers a nightlife consulting service to prominent clients, advising them on key strategies to be taken in dealings.

Also, in addition to the appealing advertising packages are tailor-made to suit each client’s needs, BeirutNightlife.com offers a consulting service for social establishments, as well as events management consultancy, owing to their extensive experience in the field. That is not forgetting their broad database with regularly updated facts and figures, allowing the team to provide clients with real market research and statistics in several fields.

Recently introduced in 2009, is Nightlife, Travel & Tourism, a new branch under the BeirutNightlife.com umbrella, which serves as a travel and tourism specialist production and post production house. This entity aims to provide an A to Z service in digital photography and videography, equipment rental and editing, catering to a global audience.

The team behind BeirutNightlife.com is not shy of breaking into new markets. So in 2009, BeirutNightlife.com began producing a televised tourism show, entitled ‘Meshwar’, which is aired on a prominent regional Lebanese channel. The critically acclaimed show covers the cultures and traditions from one corner of Lebanon to the next, uncovering the best untold touristic secrets of the nation.

The first
The nightlife photography concept is in fact BeirutNightlife.com’s, introduced in 2004. However, the innovation did not end there, as in 2009 the videography concept was introduced, capturing nightlife as it took place. Today, they are the only players in the market with such a concept, with the largest stock footage database, added to everyday.

BeirutNightlife.com is also the first to offer a nightlife video directory throughout the region; the first to tender professional videos, shot by advanced camera equipment on social mediums such as YouTube, actually being the only professionals to venture into this field, and is the first nightlife and video directory in the region.

Stakeholders & Clientele
For each stakeholder, BeirutNightlife.com has a different mission. To its members and visitors, comprehensive nightlife information is uploaded by the minute, keeping them updated in an ever evolving atmosphere, featuring the latest cutting edge technologies. Visitors to the site range in demographics, from all different age groups and backgrounds and each of their interests are catered to, via the wide range of information offered on the site, which spans from fashion to cars to entertainment. To those in the nightlight profession, BeirutNightlife.com serves as a platform to connect with the masses, in promoting their endeavors, offering complete marketing solutions with a direct reach.

Since its inception, BeirutNightlife.com has served an endless list of prominent clients, such as: Poliakov, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Stolichnaya, St. James, Label 5, Pommery and Moet et Chandon in the alcohol category; sparkling water Apollinaris; market leader in energy drinks, Red Bull; as well as several Lebanese nightclubs such as White, BO18, Buddha Bar, G, Cactus, and restaurants such as La table D’Alfred. BeirutNightLife.com also has a list of miscellaneous clients such as Beirut Fashion Week and Virgin Megastores. In addition, international promoters and artists use BeirutNightlife.com as a communication platform for its extensive reach. From Above and Beyond, to Armin Van Buuren and 50 Cent to name a few, each of these artists share BeirutNightlife.com’s content, photos and videos to reach an internationally growing audience.

The Future
Although BeirutNightlife.com has reached unimaginable heights in terms of success and global reach, their journey does not end there. Plans for expansion in the fields of nightlife, leisure, travel and tourism, in addition to the diversification into different mediums are currently underway. In 2010, the next steps are DineOutLebanon, to operate on a local level and TouVid, driven on a global level, which will project the company into the heart of the current digital boom; as well as the use of other mediums as communication tools, spreading the scope of the founding website’s activities.

BeirutNightlife.com, positioned as the leading online directory, nightlife consultancy and main promoter of Lebanon, the website and its umbrella of services have become the chosen informational hub around the globe. The future is bright for Lebanon and BeirutNightlife.com will be at the forefront, bringing to the public eye, the vivacity of the country at its finest.

For more information about BeirutNightlife.com and contacts please log onto the website.

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