Saifi Beirut: A Historic and Glamourous Identity

August 27, 2012  

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Saifi District, located at the southeastern periphery of DownTown Beirut. Saifi is one of main attractions such as Beirut International Port, Saifi Village, and The Basement. The area is bordered by main roads including Rue Charles Debbas, Rue George Haddad, Rue Gouraud in Gemmayzeh, and Rue Ariss & Kanaani. The area was destroyed during the war in Lebanon due to the sensitivity of the location. However after rebuilding the area the historic and glamourous French-colonial the area got its true identity back.


4 Responses

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  2. anthony May 30, 2010

    Saifi Village
    At the southeastern periphery of Beirut city center, a traditional neighborhood with a preserved urban fabric has re-emerged. Saifi Village is a success story. Conceived along Lebanese vernacular tradition, sixteen low-rise new buildings forming four clusters blend in style and color with an equal number of existing buildings, restored to their original glory. Mediterranean pitched roofs, arcaded windows, simple decorative ornaments and harmonious pastel colors form the architectural language.

  3. anthony May 30, 2010

    The residential ambience is enhanced by a quiet environment and a carefully designed and landscaped public realm. Brick paving and fountains, seasonal shrubs and flowers, wooden benches and children’s playgrounds provide the tree-lined narrow streets, public squares and gardens with an appealing and communal character. Ranging from one to four bedrooms and benefiting from underground parking facilities, the apartments and duplexes ally modern comfort and security, elegant interiors and high-quality finishes.

    They are serviced by a nursery school, convenience stores and a weekly farmersí market.
    The Quartier des Arts is vibrant with activities in its designersí and art galleries, antiques and artisansí shops, delicatessen stores, decorative art and beauty specialist boutiques.

    The highly positive response to Saifi Village has given Solidere the impetus to create further residential clusters, both expanding the Village and applying the same principles in other neighborhoods. Saifi Village 2 was thus sold with its design by Solidere.

  4. Mher May 30, 2010

    nice photos…


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