From Laklouk to Balaa pit: A Hiking Experience in Tannourine

November 11, 2012  

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Exploring Laklouk’s backcountry to Balaa pits located in Tannourine, is one of a kind experience especially during the Fall season and before the snow and rain covers the area. The diverse geology of the areas from flat routes to uphill tracks, anyone can create their perfect hiking experience trip while enjoying one of the most extraordinary sightseeing in Lebanon.

Balou3 Bal3a 

Because of its fun lifestyle and trendy venues, Lebanon’s breathtaking nature tends to be overlooked at times. One of the most beautiful things about this country is its nature reserves and virgin areas. One of the most serene and scenic places to visit in Lebanon is the Balou3 Bal3a (the Bal3a Sinkholes) near Tannourine. Its waterfall contains 3 bridges and the water falls 25 meters to the bottom then runs through underground rivers and caves. The length of this waterfall is approximately 100 meters.

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