Kelis’ Milkshake Brought All the Boys and Girls to the Yard

It seems I wasn’t the only one excited to hear the miss bossy herself, Kelis was coming into town. Fans literally, completely filled up club Whisky Mist turned Playboy Mansion party. The Re-Shuffled event at Whisky Mist plays host to a sexy Playboy theme. Walls are decked out in large Playboy logos, girls gone bunnies circle the venue handing out sexy bunny ears for the ladies and black boy ties for men, to join in on the theme. Before Kelis arrived Whisky Mist Dancers put on their sexy show. But of course everyone was eager to see the lady of the hour….and she has arrived!

Kelis is in the building! Cheers and shouts of joy filled the room. Guests prepared their cameras, getting ready to snap a shot of the Milkshake star. Kelis hit the stage behind her glowing microphone stand, like a true diva, to perform her top hits. Kelis’ personal female DJ backed her fully with a set that rocked the house hard!

Once her performance was over she graciously greeted fans welcoming them to her table to sign autographs, have quick chats with her fans and to snap photos.