Adonis Rocks Byblos!

June 15, 2012  

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With clubs open every night Lebanon gets plenty of commercial and dance music, so when music fans of Lebanon get the opportunity to enjoy a different genre of music it is truly a great experience. This past week famed local band Adonis showed us that Lebanon could really rock! The location was perfect for such an amazing show. Being near the old port of Jbeil the spot over looked the historic Crusader’s Tower. Adonis put on an epic performance at the Byblos port, getting fans really into the set. Crowd participation, and the constant nodding of heads was all I needed to see to know that the crowd was having a great time. Some true fans sang along, although some songs the crowd could not be too familiar with, as they shared these songs off of the much anticipated upcoming album.

After the rockin’ concert one of Lebanon’s most famous DJs JADE took over, along with VJ TM. The premier of “The Middle Beast”, and audio-visual project, he had been working on. This was an event full of one thing…Talent! very much enjoyed Adonis’ sound and live show, as well as capturing the moments on camera…


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