Yes to NON-Smoking.. NO to Nonsense

October 19, 2012  

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Tobacco control legislation came into effect on September 3rd, 2012. The Lebanese  Parliament endorsed a law banning smoking in all enclosed public places, including restaurants, bars, cafes and offices. The law has triggered a lot of reactions, positive and negative, but non are against the smoke ban. Several venues have expressed their discontent and called for the amendment of the law to assure the well being of these venues.

We at support the smoking ban law that has been implemented. However we do not hold up to the way it has been put into force onto the cafes and clubs. In solidarity with owners and the syndicate of restaurants, we call for the amendment of the law and not the annulment of it. calls all those supporting for this to join on Tuesday, October the 23rd at Sodeco at 10:00 AM so that we can send the message to all the concerned parties in support of Tourism.
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3 Responses

  1. Neda Timani October 19, 2012

    I’m very, very disappointed with BNL for supporting the amendment. I expected better from a respected website as yours. There is no benefit in smoking whatsoever and we all know that.

  2. Aleni October 19, 2012

    With all due respect, there is nothing more disgusting than drinking or eating in a cafe with smoke being blown into your face and entering your food. It is ridiculous to think that anyone wouldn’t support a law preventing that. Why should non smokers be forced to inhale the toxic smoke fumes?
    p.s. guess what? second hand smoking also kills.

  3. Nisrine October 20, 2012

    So what ! The same law has been implemented in uk -no smoking in clubs and bars- keeping in mind the English terrible weather and they just adapted to the situation . I just don’t understand what all this fuss about . I thought Lebanese are resilient and smart!


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