Cassis – Enjoy Beirut City the New York Way

Recently AddMind, the big guys behind Iris on the rooftop of AnNahar building in Downtown… and soon to open the new White club that’s already creating a buzz in town, set to open soon in the booming nightlife area in Dora… And now sooner than we think, a smaller place, that we are used to by the guys, will be opening this coming week in the heart of the Downtown are, facing the Samir Kassir statue.

Called Cassis Bistro Bar, this New Yorkish style venue is expected to be your home away from home. A place where you will enjoy good food, good ambiance, be surrounded by other esteemed restaurants and pubs and be able to enjoy the city of Beirut to the max in a marvelous setting.

Cassis Bistro and Bar is expected to open on weekdays from 9am to 12am for breakfast, lunch and dinner and on the weekends from 10am to 1 am serving brunch and dinner.

Cassis boasts a bar area and a restaurant section as well as terrace on the newly pedestrianized road where one can enjoy a selection of coffees, cocktails, fresh salads, tasty sandwiches and healthy plates.

Make sure to be one of the first to celebrate and enjoy Beirut city the New York way!

Uruguay street, Downtown

+961 3  03 03 52 or +961 1 98 98 11


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