Hayfa Wehbe’s Sister Shuts Down Hamra Road

January 1, 2013  

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Roula Mohammad Yamout, Hayfa Wehbeh sister , was reported to close down Hamra main road on Wednesday during the rush hour, causing an unbearable traffic jam . The incident began when a police officer stopped the Lebanese diva’s sister for having heavy tinted glass on her car. After a long argument Roula got furious, parked her BMW (License Plate T5527) in the middle of the road and locked it, threatening the police officer.

Social Media pages shared photos of the car parked in the middle of the road and the traffic jam it caused. Facebook users expressed extreme anger for the way Roula acted and called for punishing her for her acts.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/kelchibrase


4 Responses

  1. R January 24, 2013


  2. This girl is a liar she is not Haifa wehbe sister..her name is rola yammout and she is a mentally sick person who only blackmails ppl around her,,,,!!ugly b—–c

  3. rnosh_hw January 24, 2013

    هيفاء ما دخلها بشي ورولا وغيرها عايزين يسوء سمعتة هيفاء

  4. Zahra Hw January 24, 2013

    ولك الديفا هيفا شو خصها بهلقحبة رولا !! أصلا رولا مش اختها !! هيدي وحدة كذابة بدها تشتهر ويصير براسها خير ع حساب الديفا هيفا !!! الله ينتقم منك يا رولا !! وبترجى ادارة الويب سايت ما بقى تنشر اخبار الزبالة رولا لأنها مزورة ومفبركة


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