Arab Idol Season 2 kicks off tonight..



One  of the most popular shows in the Arab world, Arab Idol, will kick off tonight in its second season after the huge success it had in its first version. The show will which will air on MBC 1 and MBC Masr will be hosted by a number of Arab superstars including Lebanese Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama, Emirati singer Ahlam and musician Hassan Al Shafei.

According to MBC, Arab Idol 2 attracted more than 25,000 auditionees from around the Arab world, and the judges themselves admit that there was a lot more talent and applicants this year.

Some add-ons this season will be the Lebanese singer Nance Ajram, as well as more live shows, a new host the Egyptian singer and actor Ahmad Fahmy.

So get ready for another intense competition this year with Arab Idol 2!

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