13 Lebanese in 100 most powerful Arab women 2012

August 8, 2012  

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The 100 most powerful Arab women 2012, by Arabian Business, has been revealed. The list included 13 ladies from Lebanon from several categories and industries. The Lebanese legend, Fairouz, topped the list of Lebanese coming in the 13th place.

Fairouz, Known as the Arabs’ ambassador and the Jewel of Lebanon, is still considered one of the greats of the Middle East music scene. Born in the Cedar Mountains area in Lebanon in 1935, under the name Nouhad Haddad, Fairuz grew up in a modest orthodox family who lived in a single room, traditional Lebanese stone house and shared a kitchen with the neighbours.

The list also included Lebanese names such as Mona Abu Hamzeh, Nadine Labaki, Christine Sfeir, Leila El Solh, Elissa, Maria Maalouf, Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Mona Bawarchi, Ingie Chalhoub and Mayada Baydas..

Source: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/

Below is the full list


1 Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi Government UAE
2 Tawakkul Karman Culture and society Yemen
3 Lubna Olayan Banking and finance Saudi Arabia
4 Princess Ameerah Al Taweel Culture and society Saudi Arabia
5 Raja Easa Al Gurg Construction and industry UAE
6 Dr. Amina Al Rustamani Media UAE
7 Sheikha Munira Qubeysi Culture and society Syria
8 Sheikha Al Bahar Banking and finance Kuwait
9 Hayat Sindi Science US
10 Kholoud Faqih Culture and society Palestine
11 Lama Sulaiman Government Saudi Arabia
12 Fatima Al Jaber Construction and industry UAE
13 Fairuz Culture and society Lebanon
14 Nadine Labaki Media Lebanon
15 Christine Sfeir Retail Lebanon
16 Suzanne Al Houby Sport UAE
17 Leila El Solh Culture and society Lebanon
18 Sheikha Hessa Bint Saad Abdullah Salem Al Sabah Culture and society Kuwait
19 Buthaina Al Ansari Culture and society Qatar
20 Thoraya Ahmed Obaid Culture and society Saudi Arabia
21 Dr. Nawal Al Saadawi Culture and society Egypt
22 Zaha Hadid Construction and industry UK
23 Lina Ben Mhenni Culture and society Tunisia
24 Mona Khazinder Culture & Society Saudi Arabia
25 Susan Youssef Culture and society Holland
26 Nujood Ali Culture and society Yemen
27 Salma Hareb Transport UAE
28 Eman Obeidy Culture and society US
29 Sahar Al Sallab Banking and finance Egypt
30 Dr. Hessa Al Jaber IT and telecoms Qatar
31 Randa Ayoubi Media Jordan
32 Dalia Mogahed Culture and Society UAE
33 Nayla Al Khaja Culture and Society UAE
34 Suad Al Humaidi Banking and finance Kuwait
35 Nisreen Shocair Retail UAE
36 Prof. Ilham Al Qaradawi Science Qatar
37 Mona Al Munajjed Culture and society Saudi Arabia
38 Nahed Taher Banking and finance Saudi Arabia
39 Elham Qasimi Sport UAE
40 Hala Gorani Media US
41 Elissa Culture and society Lebanon
42 Sabah Khalil Al Moayyed Banking and finance Bahrain
43 Maha Al Ghunaim Banking and finance Kuwait
44 Donna Sultan Construction and industry Kuwait
45 Assila Zaher Al Harthy Banking and finance Oman
46 Muna AbuSulayman Culture and society Saudi Arabia
47 Samira Ibrahim Culture and society Egypt
48 Hend Sabri Culture and society Tunisia
49 Nashwa Al Ruwaini Media UAE
50 Hend Al Mansour Culture and society US
51 Maha Hussein Construction and Industry Kuwait
52 Mona Eltahawy Media US
53 Fawzieh Al Dorai Media Kuwait
54 Zeina Tabari Construction and Industry UAE
55 Maria Maalouf Media Lebanon
56 Rola Dashti Government Kuwait
57 Hynd Bouhia Banking and Finance Morocco
58 Mona Almoayyed Retail Bahrain
59 Khadija Ben Ganna Media Qatar
60 Manal Al Sharif Culture and Society Saudi Arabia
61 Ahdaf Soueif Culture and Society UK
62 Noura Al Kaabi Media UAE
63 Nayla Hayek Retail Switzerland
64 Hiba Jamal Media UAE
65 Nancy Ajram Culture and Society Lebanon
66 Salma Al Baloushi Transport UAE
67 Hind Seddiqi Retail UAE
68 Soraya Salti Culture and Society Jordan
69 Haifa Wehbe Culture and Society Lebanon
70 Bothaina Kamel Culture and Society Egypt
71 Noor Sweid Construction and Industry UAE
72 Octavia Nasr Media US
73 Basmah Mosleh Omair Culture and Society Saudi Arabia
74 Areej Mohsin Al Darwish Lujiana Mohsin Al Darwish Construction and Industry Oman
75 Yasmina Azhari Transport Syria
76 Fatema Mernissi Culture and Society Morocco
77 Hala Jaber Media UK
78 Riham Fouad Al Ghanim Banking and Finance Kuwait
79 Sarah Shuhail Culture and Society UAE
80 Nadine Kanso Culture and Society UAE
81 Mona Bawarshi Transport Lebanon
82 Wajeha Al Huwaider Culture and Society Saudi Arabia
83 Dr. Maryam Matar Science UAE
84 Sulafa Memar Culture and Society Syria
85 Ingie Chalhoub Retail Lebanon
86 Ghosson Ghassan Al Khaled Construction and Industry Kuwait
87 Haifa Kaylani Culture and Society UK
88 Asil Attar Retail UAE
89 Rajaa Al Sanea Culture and Society US
90 Lulwa Al Awadhi Culture and Society Bahrain
91 Manar Al Hashash IT and Telecoms Kuwait
92 Suad Al Attar Culture and Society UK
93 Sara Ismail Mohammed Banking and Finance UAE
94 Wedad Lootah Culture and Society UAE
95 Hosnia Hashem Construction and Industry Kuwait
96 Mona Abou Hamza Media Lebanon
97 Reem Al Zawawi Banking and Finance Oman
98 Rasha Nashaat Hassani Real Estate UAE
99 Mayada Baydas Banking and Finance Lebanon
100 Nashwa Taher Construction and Industry Saudi Arabia

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