Top 10 Restaurants: Where To Dine This Valentine

February 10, 2011  

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Valentine’s Day, or V-Day as I like to call it, is just around the corner. What is more perfect than a romantic dinner with your loved one? A romantic dinner could be prepared on the beach (but it’s too cold for that now), by the chimney at your home with some candles lighting up the room, or at a very romantic restaurant that will be prepared specifically to create an aura of romance around you and your loved one. At we have done our extensive research in many areas of Lebanon to bring to you some choices for a perfect romantic dinner with your partner.

Here is a list of some of Lebanon’s finest restaurants, perfect for your V-Day dinner:

Editor’s Choice:
éCafe Edde Yard Byblos:
is a cozy little venue that was architecturally restored to maintain the signature style of the old city of Byblos. Located in the center of the Byblos Souks area, the restaurant serves the most delicious French cuisine maintaining simplicity and highest quality of ingredients. It is definitely one of a kind, not only because of the restaurant itself, but also because of the authentic and charming area it is located in.
The V-Day formula is a five course set menu for 180 USD per couple including an open regular bar and a harpist.
The V-day formula is valid on Saturday 12, Sunday 13, and Monday 14.
For reservation, call: 09 542224

Editor’s Choice:
La Table D’Alfred:
located in the heart of Sursock in Ashrafieh, La Table D’alfred is an ideal location for a romantic dinner. It’s luxurious and comfortable interior allow for a cozy and intimate setting, while you are served its renowned delicious French cuisine.
The V-Day dinner is à la carte, with a pianist.
The V-Day dinner is valid on Saturday 12.
For reservation, call: 01 203036

Editor’s Choice:
La Locanda Corsini:
Situated in lovely area of Bikfaya and surrounded by the lovely scenery of nature, La Locanda Corsini is a family-run hotel & restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic home-cooked Italian cuisine and attracts people from all around Lebanon and tourists from all around the world. There is no place more charming outside the bustle of Beirut City.
The V-Day formula is a five course set menu for 180 USD per couple excluding drinks, with a Pianist.
The V-day formula is valid on Saturday 12, Sunday 13, and Monday 14.
For reservation, call: 04 982689

Le Relais de L’Entrecôte: A Parisian restaurant located in the famous Monot Strip, specifically on the Abdul Wahab El-Inglizi Street, brings you the most delicious steak and fries with its secret sauce. Enjoy dining with your loved one, à la française at this cozy bistro and escape to the city of lights for just one night.
For more information and reservation, please call: 01 332087

La Parilla: Enjoy the best in Argentine beef at this delicious and chic restaurant. You will be charmed at its elegance, décor, well-trained staff, and scrumptious food that will satisfy your hearts and stomachs. La Parilla has long been synonymous with first dates, so take in the romance there this Valentine’s Day.
The V-Day dinner is à la carte.
The V-Day dinner is valid on Saturday 12.
For reservation, call: 03 919119

Al Dente: Located in the luxurious Albergo hotel, Al Dente is a name that has long proven itself a leader in Italian cuisine in Beirut. Al Dente is not your regular venue, but is for a very special night out. What then is a more special occasion than Valentine’s Day to experience the refinement of this mouthwatering dining experience? Be sure to find the perfect romantic ambiance at this venue.
The V-Day formula is a set menu for 260 USD per couple, including red and white French wine without any entertainment.
The V-day formula is valid on Monday 14.
For reservation, call: 01 202440

Provincia: An intimate, dimly-lit Italian restaurant located in the Kaslik district, Provincia has maintained its quality and reputation for authentic delicious Italian cuisine. Its freshly made pasta and ingredients leave you desiring more. It is an ideal location for lovers with its “Italian countryside” countryside décor.
The V-Day dinner is à la carte, with no entertainment
The V-Day dinner is valid on Sunday 13 and Monday 14.
For reservation, call: 09 223232

Chez Sophie: During its first year in the Lebanese fine dining scene, Chez Sophie has already won the admiration of many. It has become an ideal venue for romantic dates because of its cozy and charming setting. While driving past Gemmayze along the Mar Mikhael strip, you can’t miss this venue because its warm color and welcoming quality. Its delicious French food and mouthwatering desserts are perfect for a romantic date.
The V-Day dinner is à la carte.
The V-Day dinner is valid on Sunday 13.
For reservation, call: 01 566991

Sydney’s: Located in the Vendome Hotel in Ain Mreysseh, Sydney’s boasts a beautiful view of the Raouche strip while you enjoy a drink, a cigar, and a meal in its comfortable living room-like setting; divided into sofas and a dining area. Its food meets the standard of a five star hotel while the ambiance is very cozy and intimate.
The V-Day formula is a menu for the ladies and a separate menu for the men, for 180 USD per couple excluding drinks. Part of the package will be giveaway chocolates and a red rose for her.
The V-day formula is valid on Monday 14.
For reservation, call: 01 369280

Venezia Ristorante Italiano: Located in the Metropolitan hotel, this restaurant has welcomed so many lovers on the famous eve of Valentine’s to celebrate their love and time together. Expect to feel as though you were swept away to Venice, the city of love on this magical night of Valentine’s. Enjoy its delectable Italian cuisine as you and your partner are charmed throughout the evening.
The V-Day formula is a four course set menu for 200 USD per couple, including open house wine and a live band*.
The V-day formula is valid on Saturday 12, Sunday 13*, and Monday 14*.
For reservation, call: 01 496666
* set menu is not obligatory and live band will not be present.

May your hearts be filled with romantic love and your stomachs with delicious food this Valentine’s.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the BNL team!


7 Responses

  1. BNL February 11, 2011

    that’s a long list… for those who are lost or didn’t plan it yet…

    what about BICE at BIEL Downtown?

  2. Nadine Kahil February 12, 2011

    is bice romantic?

  3. Rita D. February 12, 2011

    although it’s a very nice venue, i personally don’t think it’s romantic…
    there are a lot of great restaurants but they are not on this list because they do not provide the “romantic” ambiance that people are seeking for this occasion.

  4. jimmy February 13, 2011

    La Parilla. This is one of the best romantic places. Impressive

  5. UNKNOWN February 14, 2011


  6. Rita D. February 14, 2011

    @unknown, i agree they are expensive, but this is due to the price inflation that occurs during Valentine’s Day, and in reality all nice restaurants are priced as such.
    During ordinary days, these restaurants are priced at an average of 70-80 USD per person, which has become the standard price for most fine dining restaurants in the country.

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