La Wlooo!!!…The 7-Hour Flight From Hell!

July 25, 2012  

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Hello wonderful readers, oh how I’ve missed you; especially those of you who constantly tell me to “leave Lebanon” . . . which I did, by boarding a 7-hour flight from hell on our beloved Lebanese airline, which not even Satan would want to fly on (which is the reason none of its planes have ever crashed – probably). Although I’m sure many of you have horror stories about said airline – and especially about its flight attendants – I’m certain that the worst tales must come from the ‘Beirut to Lagos/Accra/Abidjan’ flight (a.k.a. my bi-annual flight to Nigeria) in which all the inbred people of Lebanon come together in one closed aircraft for what feels like an eternity from the 7th circle of hell, to make you contemplate death for 7 dreary hours. I will explain to you what it’s like in the nicest way possible.

First of all, the horror of this vomit-inducing flight begins at the airport, specifically during check-in when the woman in front of me, wearing 3 layers of makeup and 11-inch heels, and carrying a weeping, wailing infant (that should be silenced with sleeping pills), lugs her 17 bags around on three different trolleys. Who cares if I’m practically falling asleep and I only have one luggage to check-in? Who cares if her little crying nuisance sounds slightly less irritating than fingernails scraping a chalkboard? And who cares if I’m standing there passively watching Satan’s spawn throw up all over the floor from crying too much or from an overdose of breast milk?
. . . Disgusting . . .
My favorite part is when the demonic mother looks back at me expecting me to help – as though she’s entitled. Well, she’s got another thing coming if she thinks I’m getting down on all fours to assist her in wiping vomit and nasal discharge off the floor. What do these women feed their babies?! It’s as though they’re preparing to roam 6 months through the Saharan desert. It’s a 7-hour flight for God’s sake . . . in an airplane . . . with food on it.

Anyway, after this fiasco comes to an end, I like to waste some time at the duty free zone, where I can buy cosmetics at a bargain price of $4 less. Boy, am I a genius or what?! Here’s the million dollar question: is saving $50 worth the rudeness of the ill-mannered cashier ladies or the groveling, desperate-to-make-a-dime salesmen? In any case, I still pat myself on the back and begin running to the boarding gate. Picture this: if the noisiest circus married the smelliest zoo, their love-child would be the ‘Beirut to Lagos/Accra/Abidjan’ boarding gate.
Of course, since the majority of the passengers are Lebanese, they do not understand the concept of a line. PMS-ing mothers will push you shamelessly and take your spot. Stinky men with flea-harboring beards will eye whatever is showing from your neck to your covered cleavage – then they’ll push you when they’re done with their unsuccessful peeks. Kids will step on your toes, many times; God forbid you stare them down . . . their demonic mothers will skin you alive with their evil glares.
At this point, I begin fantasizing about filling my handbag with bricks and smashing it into people’s faces as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 plays in the background.

Once I finally find my seat on the airbus (reminiscent of public transportation) and make sure that the screen and pillows are clean, I begin my prayers; begging my Lord and savior to keep crying children and smelly men far away from me throughout the duration of the flight. Of course, my prayers are almost never answered – especially when the flight’s above 4 hours.
As a fat, hairy perverted man plops down next to me, I weep silently and bargain further with the Lord and all forces of the universe, “Please God, anything is better than this. Bestow a miracle upon me!” This man-beast then decides to switch places with his 12-year-old son. I am relieved. I let out a sigh and take in a deep breath. I smell onions – onions that have been roasting under the sun for MONTHS!
I am unable to believe that a prepubescent boy can exude such a stench. This little boy was about to sit next to me – polluting my air – for 7 hours. I sob and sob till I pass out. Five minutes after I’d snoozed, this little mongrel wakes me up to go see his father. How is that any of my concern? This continues for 5 more hours until I threaten that little stinkpot that if he scurried off one more time, I would not allow him back to his seat. I then take a sleeping pill and ask the flight attendant for a glass of white wine – after we’d been flying for almost 5 hours. “It isn’t chilled yet,” she says, in Arabic of course; since the international English language is simply out of the question! I had asked her for wine 9 times already, and wondered if she were completely stupid, lazy or just plain rude.

This brings me to another main issue: MEA flight attendants. They instill fear in my heart at the very thought of requesting something from them. You see, they have the “I’m not your maid” complex, and tend to forget that they are literally being paid to cater to our requests — as though they only took this job to “travel the world – for free” and not to actually work.
After fighting with countless MEA flight attendants with comments like, “b**** your purpose in life is to smile to me and bring me water . . . and chilled wine,” I found an alternative method; a loophole paved with nauseating niceness. Allow me to demonstrate.
Upon entering the aircraft, I make sure to smile to each and everyone of them, asking them individually, “how are you doing?” I then compliment them on something that could pass for “pretty” on another planet; things like, “I love your hair, it matches your eyebrows and complexion,” or “Nice earrings, they bring out the glow in your face,” or “Is your mole real? It’s so beautifying.” Now that I’m on their good side, I make sure to act like a weakling who needs the help of the powerful male flight attendants, “Oops! I can’t lift my 5 KG luggage into the overhead compartment, *sob*, could you help me? strong man?” Once I’ve given him his ego boost and a couple of fake ‘n forced smiles, we become buddies. I then buy some mascara and perfume and I’m on the high road to happiness! I am on the fast track to exquisite service — with all the wine an aerophobic could wish for.
Fighting with flight attendants has now become a blurry memory . . . but how is it humanly possible that a wine bottle doesn’t cool after five godforsaken hours? This is utter bullocks!

Of course, the minute I begin to snooze again, the Abidjan-bound passengers from hell decide it’s perfectly normal to prance around and partake in 3-hour loud conversations at 4 AM, when the entire plane is trying to sleep! If you ask these gorillas to lower their voices, they will stare at you in disbelief as if you’ve just asked them to do 4 cartwheels while drinking lemonade. If they do happen to shut up, screaming babies certainly won’t! What do their mothers try to do about it? They just furiously “rock” them to sleep, as their heads bob up and down like a bobble head doll. One gorilla in specific, a bit overexcited to return to his pack, spills his boiling hot tea on my arm. This is followed by 15 uncomfortable seconds of mutual stares. When he finally realizes he did something wrong, he utters, “Ana Assif” (translation: I am sorry). I respond with yet another stare, “. . . . .” (translation: f*** you and your late apology . . . and your loud gorilla friends.)

Throughout all of this, I kept wondering: Where are the flight attendants? Aren’t they supposed to maintain order on the plane? Who will cater to my burnt flesh? Who will discipline the wild animals and explain to them that it’s sleepy time for normal, sane people?
Of course, they are all at the back of the plane chatting, laughing and ignoring all passenger requests . . . and possibly finishing the chilled wine, secretly. Customer service at its finest!

The plane finally lands, and what landing is complete without unnecessary, meaningless, pointless applause? Think: bus arrives to vegetable market. The plane is supposed to land – why are they so surprised that it did? It’s like rewarding a printer for printing out documents!
I snatch my luggage from the overhead compartment (to make a statement that I’m cranky), look over at the male flight attendant and raise my eyebrow at him (clarification that I didn’t/don’t/will never need his help), “accidentally” jam my bag into little stinkpot’s face (revenge), push through the crowd of savages (yes I can be just as uncivilized as you are, b****es) and storm out of that godforsaken plane that now smells like a sewer from all the constant farting.

When oh when will a competitor airline be launched; one with direct flights, better ticket prices and well-trained flight attendants; one that would eventually push MEA to improve its disappointing service from beginning to end?

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Bill Gates


60 Responses

  1. Emil July 25, 2012

    Stop whining. You seem to have an attitude that is worst than that of the attendants. Take egyptair next time.

    You should probably also take some antidepressant and some mood stabilizers.

  2. Lilianne July 25, 2012

    I don’t even know why I continued reading this, maybe I was hoping to see the point? You’re a whiny little person, who’s a complete over dramatic queen. Get off your high horse, leave Lebanon and stop complaining.

    good day.

    PS. Later in life, if you want to write a rant either A) keep writing in this manner, but limit your audience to just you by writing in your diary. OR B) In a proper and slightly (SLIGHTLY) more objective manner as to not insult yourself by making the readers judge you as a whiny little bitch (as I and I’m sure others already have).

  3. Samer July 26, 2012

    This is the stupidest and most pointless story i’ve ever read. Everything you wrote about is to be expected. Sounds like you were the one PMSing.

  4. tania July 26, 2012

    Well I am so pleased you don’t enjoy your flight!! I couldn’t even finish reading this article as disgust took over me. Disgusted by the writer, his arrogance and sense of selfishness. If you ask me, you appear to be the monster on this flight and NOT tired and crying children, nor the overweight people. Enough said.

  5. Afif Tabish July 26, 2012

    Couldn’t have said it better. Your not alone, every time I don’t get upgraded to business class (friends in MEA hook up) I seriously think that I just bought a ticket to the slums. Every minute feels like an hour. What can we do, this is Lebanon..

  6. Koto Moto July 26, 2012

    Shway 3am tzidah Madame,

  7. Rita D. July 26, 2012

    thanks for your wonderful comments! clearly you understand the concept of “satire” and are very familiar with what a “rant” is.
    maybe next time i’ll just stick to “abu el abed” jokes since that’s the level of humor you find amusing :D

  8. Misha K July 26, 2012

    When ever I picture myself letting my rage out on useless humans it’s always to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, another reason I love you haha.
    This article literally put me on that plane with you with that said YUK, barf, kill me!!!! Again, I am taking you back to California with me <3

  9. Nicolas July 26, 2012

    Your story is unreadable !
    Very boring and almost insulting …

  10. Darine Bader July 26, 2012

    loved it! so true, summarizes every flight i took where the majority of passengers were lebanese and arabs of course… for the flight attendants i liked the fact that you tried to compliment them hehehe

    and for the rude feedbacks, it shows that you again you are a success otherwise they wouldnt have bothered to write it down

    Lebanese flying on any airline, please it would be great if you lower your voice because you are invading other people’s privacy…remember they paid as well for their ticket

    This country and people have a long way to be labled one day as “civilized”

  11. Tony Harb July 26, 2012

    hahaha trust me its a beautiful adventure comparing to my trip to India! where the plane is sprayed by flight attendants with dioxin to clear out any contamination risks ! hahaha

  12. Tony Harb July 26, 2012

    and for all haters out there, its not Rita’s fault that u happen to be ranked in the same category of people she’s talkin about, saying that of course u will find this offensive and not at all amusing! but its very simple, all u gotta do is get the heck outta here, reading this article isnt by any means obligatory, it is not originally made to fit ur ape shaped peanuts called brains! idiots

  13. Lilianne July 26, 2012

    Dear Rita,

    I assure you that we are quiet familiar by what a rant is and what satire is. I just regret to inform you that this piece of, er, thing is neither. It’s whiny and annoying.

    Take care

  14. Rita D. July 26, 2012

    Dear Lilianne,

    I’m glad you’re *quite familiar with what a rant is and what satire is, but i regret to inform you that this piece of, er, thing is both. And yes, it is whiny and annoying indeed; hence, a rant.

    take care

  15. Tony July 26, 2012

    Great article… i get the satire and i think people posting the ‘whining’ comments should travel a bit more on other airlines at least long haul to get the point you’re making… having said that, if you’re a man (with the right look on MEA) you will get the best service – as a potential marriage candidate… their dream will be short lived once they know i am married with twin boys – then the horror starts again :)
    Enjoy your flight back to beirut lol
    …coming from a British Airways Gold member

  16. Alex T July 27, 2012

    I have enjoyed your posts for a while but haven’t left feedback until now

    As a fellow ranter it’s always enjoyable, if not cathartic, to read your words. I’m assuming this is a sentiment shared by many supportive readers.

    Last week I found a site which I violently disagreed with. Then I remembered the Internet is pretty large so I could just go find some other site which I liked more

  17. Yasmine July 27, 2012

    I can imagine what you are talking about, as I ALWAYS experience this on EgyptAir (!!) and have always had good experiences on MEA (so far :) :) ) – lucky me! Imagine if you were travelling with kids!! Yalla, stay cool and enjoy more flight with MEA lol.
    On another note, you your writing is great!

  18. Alia J. July 27, 2012

    My god, this is the longest and pointless nonsense i have ever read… Aren’t you Lebanese? Dudette u were definitely PMSing and u seem to be the little bitch in all of this… maybe you hadn’t cleaned your nose b4 getting on the flight.. and u r definitely racist …people like u die early and rot as well..

    P.S : Satan loves u, trust me

  19. annie July 27, 2012

    Mesh ketbe illa bullshit ,1st u embarrased our country because of flight attendants ,at least embarrass us because of other things,electricity,internet,roads,scortching heat,2nd is that’s how bad you see MEA flight attendants ,there are much worse like Greek airline flight attendants who only reply to you in Greek whenever u ask them a question in English ,mind you they don’t know one single word in English ,khedi el criticism very well Rita ,this article sucks ,the whole point was that some hot tea spill over your arm ,and you kept whining like a baby where are the flight attendants,I will post my own article as a reply to you ,for now I’ve got more things to do than whining because of a stupid incident ,I’ve taken MEA many times and they have a fairly good service ,they’re not exquisite but they’re good ,I see from your experience you don’t travel much ,weyn 3eyshe girl bil Champs Elizees???What about those flights in US who don’t serve you a meal because that’s the airline policy ,you pay for your flight but meals aren’t included and you’re not the only one not happy living in Lebanon but there are more proper ways to embarrasss our government than whine about a stupid MEA flight

  20. annie July 27, 2012

    One more thing Rita let rant in your blog ,satire here

  21. annie July 27, 2012

    One more thing Rita if you really wanted to make this article worth reading ,you could’ve at least talked about how Lebanese passengers brag about why they’re sitting in economy class ,that’s because there were no places left in 1st Class or Business Class ,that’s how les gens chics et branches in thi country keep repeating you lool,and don’t make this article based on a personal experience, you wanna talk about rant ,talk about it with your friends, want to talk about satire ,put it here.

  22. Angelique July 27, 2012

    Lebanese love to complain about other people’s bad manners, lack of intelligence, lack of humour, etc. (especially other Lebanese people). Let’s face it, Lebanese (in great majority) no matter what age, sex, religion, and social class are all incapable of self criticism, and hence will never improve the flaws that make them a failed nation.

  23. Adam Prydz July 27, 2012

    “At this point, I begin fantasizing about filling my handbag with bricks and smashing it into people’s faces as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 plays in the background.”

    ^^^ probably the funniest thing ive ever read

  24. David July 27, 2012

    You my dear have socio/psychological problems,

    if you do not like to be part of the Lebanese culture in general, you cannot force all the Lebanese to be part of you’re so called civilized culture

    a lady with full makeup, heels, 60 luggage bags, a crying baby do need your help, and unfortunately you much like westernized people don’t give a damn

    the smelly gorillas you are talking about are human beings from your community that need people to help them know what hygiene is, and not someone like you always shattering them with swears

    the laughter, talks, and socialization is part of our Lebanese everyday lives even at 4am in the morning, if you can’t deal with it apply for a green-card, without expecting people to shut up and sleep just because you want to sleep

    the flight attendants surely hate your manners and fake smiles that’s why they don’t give a damn about what you ask for

    and i can’t understand why do you want to travel economy class and expect yourself to be served as a business class?

    and when people applause the pilot its because have a sense of humor, and not pretty much a “i want all people to be in the mood i am” girl

    people like you are the ones who makes this society boring and lifeless,

    be a Lebanese or just get the hell out of our country

  25. Rita D. July 27, 2012

    @david, “be a lebanese” ??? thanks for exemplifying the type of mentality that is keeping lebanon in the stone age.

    @annie/sarah, 1st, welcome back. 2nd, i’m sorry, i couldn’t finish reading what you wrote (which is the logical thing to do when you’re reading something you dislike or find boring). Please keep that in mind next time you read something that upsets you so much. you can always stop reading at any point; i call that, freedom of choice. i’m not sure how things are done in the 1800′s, but in 2012, everyone is ranting everywhere. get with the times.

    @angelique, guilty as charged. and yes, i agree with you — unfortunately . . . except in my case, i do constantly voice my opinion, which i should probably stop doing since it’s absolutely pointless.

    @adam, i’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    @alia J, could you please tell me where you bought your crystal ball from? i’d like to own one too, listen to the voices in my head, and predict the future of people i don’t know. your wisdom must be utterly painful, oh wise and collected one.
    ps. harry potter & the wizard of oz love you.

    @yasmine, egypt air is one of three airlines that i believe to be the worst. i flew on it 8 times, 6 years ago, and will never repeat that mistake again

    @alex t, thank you. I’d love it if you could share your blog (if you write). I’m a fan of rants as well.

    @tony, thank you for being a logical human being with a sense of humor!

  26. Burjis July 27, 2012

    Absolutely hilarious! Reading your article is great fun. How you manage to put things in an order to capture the attention of a viewer is marvellous. Me being a foreigner always wanting to visit your beautiful country and preety nymphs there was startled at the view of a country by its own inhabitant but that is got to do with the culture of the people. Chinese, Indians, Africans they all have peculair habits.It is the west v/s the others. some odour, some hurry, some scuffle, some stare. Lovely is your country despite all odds.

  27. annie July 27, 2012

    La22222 Wloooo Ritaaaa e ,I wish u safe afterflight because after you come back to Lebanon ,since your article has been all over the internet loool,you’ll be embarrassed and everyone will remember your face as the drama queen who always nags ,whine about internet ,electricity ,water and in a proper way ,in a way that it’s overheard my the government and foreign governements and Beirutnightlife just don’t conceal the replies to Rita’s article or else I’ll reply even more to her

  28. annie July 27, 2012

    And youuuu the writer Rita,you’re an embarrassment to our country with your articles ,you need some anger management sessions from Jack Nicholson loooool

  29. sousou dakhilo July 27, 2012

    i think u are such a whining ***** ,you nag about everything and it’s a petty to be paying you :)cheers

  30. Omar July 29, 2012

    I love the way these idiotic lebanese idiots (have to stress on the idiotness there) try to diss you rita. It just goes to show that they are that stupid. If it gets to them, it means that they fall under everything your talking about.

    Enjoy every bit of your articles (i too love Lebanon, but hate the “things” that live there).

    Anyways, look forward to more articles.

  31. layan July 29, 2012

    To Omar,omggg you must fall in th same category as Rita who hired you to have the last word in the comments below in this article ,Rita when you get back to airport everyone will throw eggs at you for writing these idiotic articles, what a shame to this site ,you’re embarrassing yourself,no wonder no guy wants to date you after all loool,I believ you were in a relationship and got dumped because of anger issues looooool ,those things described in your article happen everywhere ,the baby and the mother , the tea incident ???What are you gonna do??Sue the passenger for sipping some tea on your arm??Who are you ????Who are you????Princesss ???Who are you ????Princess of Wales or Princess of Monaco ???Who are you the Royal Highnesss ???Min mfakraaa 7alikkk,You’re a frog waiting for her Prince Charming ,go lonely ,goooo ,date someone to get you out of this anger ,if I were your mother ,I would’ve slapped tour ass and cheecks for writing such a stupid article

  32. layan July 29, 2012

    Because Rita and everyone who resembles her you’re the ones who put our country to shame ,you nag about people without any savoir vivre in your articles ,yet look at how you respond to them in your articles ,this is not how people learn their lessons ,it’s by telling each individual what puts Lebanon to shame that you ciiviize people ,not through stupid articles where you shame people through your uncivilized style ,soo either work on every person or shut up ,because the world’s not gonna be a better place because you nagged too much in your articles against the Lebanese society ,sooo here I am ,I will shame youuuuu ,yess I will shame you ,and I will have my voice heard along with many others over your stupid articles ,your article is on every Lebanese blog and they’re laughing at you

  33. Rita D. July 29, 2012

    @layane, wow, you really need to calm down and relax. Take a few deep breaths before you hurt yourself. It’s ridiculous that a silly little article upset you so much. Go enjoy your Sunday evening — I know I am. And you’ll be pleased to know that I did return to Lebanon after that flight (which was weeks ago) and no eggs were thrown at me. I am also sorry to tell you that I do have a boyfriend and am very happy — although it’s sad that you think the only way someone can be happy is by having a boyfriend. Other blogs are free to agree or disagree with me. The internet is a huge space where freedom can be expressed. I have better things to do than care/cry about that. Toodles!

    @omar, glad you like it! I’m thankful that there is a minority of intellectuals around who can see farther than their nose.

  34. Ronman July 29, 2012

    As much as i agree with you on MEA’s crappiness, describing crying kids and overwhelmed parents the way you do does not make you sound cool…

  35. omar July 29, 2012

    @layan … get a life first of all. As Rita said its the internet, and she and I am entitled to say whatever we want. Yes the people of your country (this includes you, if your stupid enough not to know) are idiots. Your a bunch of uncivilized sheep that follow one bigger idiot coz he pays ur pappy and mommy for some friggin reason. When your in a civilized country I bet you actually try and be like them, but then you go back to Lebanon, and see the stupidity and being as you are, you just follow along.

    Anyways, to interpret for you “de3an hal balad fiki w hal sha3b”

    @Rita: Again love your articles. If idiots like whats her face above actually reads them and says “hey we need to change” , then maybe they will become close to civilization.

    @Ronman: I agree with you its harsh, but its reality. The stupid women that leave their kids hanging around to screw other people is not funny. If you dont wanna kid get a condom. Re read a previous article of Rita about the beautiful women in Lebanon (i meant that in the most possible sarcistic way)

    Thanks again Rita

  36. Aywa Keda July 30, 2012

    The Bosta (aka MEA) is a miniature of the Lebanese Saga. you should see Lebanese living abroad, ya latif! so professional so organized so 1 2 3. i wonder, how come they don’t know how to do that in Lebanon and sort this F****** country inside out! if things keep going the way it is, Lebanon will become a country for old men and women + 2oumiye w zo3ran w hawash w haramiye with mandatory used tires experience!


  37. ovi July 30, 2012

    This is nowhere near a “flight from hell,” I’ve had a much worse experience with Air France. Believe me, flying MEA, with all the “trouble” you had, is NOTHING compared to the major European carriers.

  38. layan July 30, 2012

    Every blog is laughing all the way at you, look at the crap you wrote ,and I enjoy my Sundays and everyday of my life and I thank God that I don’t need anger management like you do, just revise your style in your srticles with all the marks of suspension and surprises in your article ,also everything you wrote in this article happenes everywhere ,alsooo revise that comment you hid where you said everyone who commneted is stupid ,I guess you took some pills after that looooool
    I will remind you of your little crappy nagging everywhere
    As a fat, hairy perverted man plops down next to me, I weep silently and bargain further with the Lord and all forces of the universe, “Please God, anything is better than this. Bestow a miracle upon me!” This man-beast then decides to switch places with his 12-year-old son. I am relieved. I let out a sigh and take in a deep breath. I smell onions – onions that have been roasting under the sun for MONTHS!
    Who are you ,min mfakra 7alik????PRINCESSSS ??????You dare to judge a fat hairy man???Take the American Airlines and we’ll see how you’ll deal with it

  39. layan July 30, 2012

    Another example “Of course, the minute I begin to snooze again, the Abidjan-bound passengers from hell decide it’s perfectly normal to prance around and partake in 3-hour loud conversations at 4 AM, when the entire plane is trying to sleep! If you ask these gorillas to lower their voices, they will stare at you in disbelief as if you’ve just asked them to do 4 cartwheels while drinking lemonade” ,this happens in every plane ,woooow you really come from a 3rd world country and has never taken the plane before ,what does this have to do with MEA ???You didn’t use the word goilla for nothing , I know people who know youuuu ,girl, you use much worse jargon in your everyday language ,not just your articles, And Omar stay out of this ,ooooh and little princess you don’t even have the right to reply to me because all I said and commented about is true ,just watch your jargon, this isn’t satire nor ranting ,it’s anger hidden inside you and you wanna let it out in these silly articles , what will this article add ???Tell me ,it will make the passenger sitting next to you snooze less???It will make the fat hairy man a thin non hairy guy ???Looooool and I will keep replying to you ,because in this article you’re the only gorilla we saw ,all the readers and the ones I showed them this article and noooo I don’t have time like to even make a silly blog coming from a spoilt princess with anger issues

  40. layan July 30, 2012

    Actually de3an hal balad fik w Rita w alike ,that’s why it’s always embarrasing to sit next to a Lebanese in plane because Rita can’t keep generalizing the fat and hairy man in MEA as if only MEA passengers are fat and hairy, the baby and her mother ,as if only MEA has mother and daughters as passengers looool ,this article and her is all over the internet ,and yess I also feel pity for those who burn tyres all the time ,one more thing I don’t live here,I’m just vacationing here ,soo don’t categorize me in the uncivilized peoples category ,law if it were for other articles where she’s talked about fake girls having plastic surgeries ,I would’ve approved ,but noo ,this article has proven she has anger issues with everyone ,read her other articles and see the tone she uses each time

  41. Rita D. July 30, 2012

    @layan, hahahahahahaha! You just made my day! I think you’re officially obsessed with me and my trivial article. Glad to see it takes so little to get some people wired up. I’m flattered, thank you :)
    I would have asked you to find something better to do with your time, but I’m assuming there’s nothing else you can do.
    Ps. I never delete anything, which is why I’m allowing all your comments to be posted. I also never called “everyone stupid” — but I’ll take the liberty of calling a certain someone ‘psychotic.’ 3 guesses as to who I’m referring to.

  42. layan July 30, 2012

    Actually you and Omar fall in the category of uncivilized and educated fools ,soo don’t brag about your diploma ,but if you had a little more respectful tone in your articles ,maybe I would’ve approved some points but then again revise it and revise it back well along with all your articles ,where you used much harsher and uncivilized words ,it must fit you well

  43. layan July 30, 2012

    Hahahaha Ritaaa , actually I only have very little free time and by that I was browsing this site and read your article ,you must have a looot of time to reply me :P ,one guess who’s psychotic and pretending to be civilized :p,have a nice day

  44. layan July 30, 2012

    One more thing before I go, do you realize that you didn’t answer me about the generalizations ,the fat and hairy man ,the woman and the baby ,and those are just a few, that’s why I told you to revise your article ,and other previous articles as well because you have nothing to argue about , you’re not right , you just wrote whatever came though your head through anger ,now enjoy your day ,:)

  45. layan July 30, 2012

    “After fighting with countless MEA flight attendants with comments like, “b**** your purpose in life is to smile to me and bring me water . . . and chilled wine,” I found an alternative method; a loophole paved with nauseating niceness. Allow me to demonstrate”.
    Shaklik mashkaljiyeee :P,there are much worse airlines ,try the Greek airlines or Alitalia another time ,you’ll see:P,have a nice day :)

  46. Aywa keda July 30, 2012

    Layan ya hasteria, U r a typical lebanese case study ” the benjamin button”! WTF r u doing? happy with ur 500 usd per month and living 3end el mama w akel elmajdra. Rouhe yaaaaa get a life psycho!

  47. Rita D. July 30, 2012


    my job is to follow up on what i write. ie, writing articles and responding to comments. as for you leaving countless raving comments on my article, not making one single rational point, yes, i’d say you have too much free time on your hands.

    and as for the “the generalizations ,the fat and hairy man ,the woman and the baby” please research about “satire” and the style it follows. if you are unaware of it or simply don’t like it, please find something else to read; something within your intellectual capacity that you might actually like.

    here’s ‘satire’ as described on wikipedia:

    Satire is primarily a literary genre or form, although in practice it can also be found in the graphic and performing arts. In satire, vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, and society itself, into improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit as a weapon.

    A common feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm—”in satire, irony is militant”[2]—but parody, burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing. This “militant” irony or sarcasm often professes to approve of (or at least accept as natural) the very things the satirist wishes to attack.

    Satire is nowadays found in many artistic forms of expression, including literature, plays, commentary, and media such as lyrics.

    and here’s the definition of satire on

       [sat-ahyuhr] Show IPA
    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    have a nice day.

  48. omar July 30, 2012

    @Rita: I had a nice reply all set out and well you beat to replying to her coz i “understand”, thats your job :p

    But now you have stumped the b$%^h with wikipedia and furthermore a dictionary. She needs to read the whole dictionary. If she doesnt even understand the fact and logic, where a writer’s job is to write and answer comments whether good or bad, then we got a hopeless case here, and we are just better off talking about politics, coz we are proud patriotic Lebanese and that’s all we know (what our father’s follow).

    Some people need to just get a life!!!

  49. layan July 30, 2012

    Actually riri it’s not satire, it’s anger attack ,again revise your aticle ,you have more free time than me actually ,I copy pasted your article to every link I have ,and sure everyone’s laughing at your generalizations , you must be really fighting so hard to have the last word , and don’t explain what satire is ,I already know what is , and yours is definitely anger attack not satire ,also you 2 omar and her defendent colleague ,I pity the existence of people like you both and Aywa keda I don’t live on a 500 dollar budget or come from an uneducated background, enjoy the moujadara :)

  50. layan July 30, 2012

    Satire doesn’t include the word b*** like you mentionned or gorillas ,words which come through frustration and many more which you included in other articles


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