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July 18, 2012  

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Name: Project X

Details: The party you’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

This time, BIGGER, WILDER, CRAZIER & more organized. Strict rules apply at the door.

No guys are allowed in without a girl with them at least. And the age limit is 18 & above.

A HUGE MANSION with a built in outdoor pool is where its goanna be.

-DJ STEVOOO will be breaking the ground with his amazing music

-DJ MUZZZ will transform the place into a wild zoo

Special guest DJ DIMIX so fasten your seatbelts ladies

Special guest DJ MINI B so prepare your ears to get the best vibes

- 2 huge bars

- Unlimited alcohol

Bouncers will be surrounding the house to guarantee a good time for everyone and valets will be there to park your cars.

Entrance: – GUYS 40$



Special thanks to: – REDBULL energy drink

- NRJ 99.1 FM

- POLIAKOV vodka

Place: Jeita, (1 KM after NDU on the right. On the way to Jeita Grotto. Signs will be placed there.)

Tel: 70-225 505  /  03-911 245

Date: 20 July 2012

Time: 10:00 P.M


One Response

  1. mezher ahmed alain July 20, 2012

    it sounds very great, when u read the description but i dont think that its going to be more than a fucked up party with no one …. Jeita ??? WTF ?? Big LOL where the fuck is it ??
    There is only ONE project X, vous allez malheureusement faire une copie desastreuse de l excellent film !

    ramadan kareem to all of u !


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