April 25, 2010  

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NRJ Presents
Placebo live in Concert in Lebanon on June 9 at Forum De Beyrouth
Placebo, the Rock band that sold over ten million albums worldwide at the Forum de Beirut on June 9.

Placebo is a rock band formed in London in 1994, and consists of Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest. To date, they have released six studio albums. The band has gained a considerable amount of international recognition. Placebo has more than 20 hits, and is best known for hit songs such as “This picture”, Protect me from what I want”, and “The bitter end”. Placebo’s latest album, “Battle for the Sun”, includes 4 songs that are already hits on the Lebanese radios, among them: “Battle for the Sun”, and “Never Ending Why”.

Ticket on Sale at all Virgin Ticketing box offices
Standing: 40$
Golden Cage: 70$
Seated: 70$

Placebo in Lebanon
Produced by 2U2C


16 Responses

  1. Joanna April 25, 2010






  2. elie kh April 26, 2010

    the last album ” battle for the sun” is not that much beautiful,
    i expect to see an amazing album like “sleeping with ghosts” , “without u i am nothing” ,or “black market ”
    but it’s ok ,i adore this band ,brian molko is the best,he’s a little bit gay but i like he’s personality,
    i will b there for sure

  3. Cynthia April 26, 2010

    placeboooooo ….

  4. Elie April 26, 2010

    ‘i feel very comfortable with the way i look, and
    i feel very comfortable with the kind of confusion that it creates in
    people’s minds’ – Brian Molko

    We ll be there Brian!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. elie kh April 26, 2010

    Best songs in the new album BATTLE FOR THE SUN : -kings of medicine
    -never ending why
    -for what it’s worth
    -bright lights
    hope to hear it at the forum de beyrouth
    can’t wait to live the concert

  6. rayan gherz eddine April 26, 2010

    thank you nrj it will be a great concert and iam sure of this rock hard :)

  7. qusay May 13, 2010

    انا من سورية
    شفت الإعلان على التلفزيون وحابب اجي احضر الحفلة بس مابعرف كيف بدي احصل على بطاقة
    بتمنى حدا يقلي كيف

  8. anthony May 13, 2010

  9. Tristan May 19, 2010

    Yooo what are the age’s? im 11 and i wanna goo!

  10. R.M June 9, 2010

    It is such a shame to have such a band in our country. They are intruders. They are supporters to our enemies!

  11. Joanna June 9, 2010

    INTRUDERS? heh!!,,

    you should agree to disagree R.M! I love placebo and against our enemies!

    Dont mix music with Politics

  12. anthony June 9, 2010

    R.M, Its unfortunately this way of thinking that prevents our country to join the developed country on their success journey

  13. wissam June 9, 2010

    well thank god for the civilized people in this country like the organizers of this event to show the world that lebanon is civilized country though there are a few smelly people who have no jobs armed with ignorance trying to show the world that lebanon is so uncivilized

  14. GG June 9, 2010

    so is the concert still on or what?
    lots of people are scared to go!

  15. anthony June 9, 2010

    pictures coming to the website in the next 24hours
    it was one of the best concerts of the year

  16. yousif October 18, 2010

    i really wish they come back again


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